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The Return of the Dark Father

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"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a promising young Sith Lord overcame adversity and a handicap to take the galaxy by storm in a big, big way. He probably had no idea as he pulled the first few labored breaths through his new breathing mask and respirator that he would go on to do great things."

"As a personal emissary to the Emperor, this ambitious and talented young man was a symbol of tyranny throughout the Core Worlds and beyond. He headed the Imperial Navy, led the hunt for the Rebel Alliance, oversaw the construction of the second Death Star and was personally responsible for killing scores of Jedi during the great Jedi purge of the Clone Wars. "

"Dark warrior, star pilot, statesman, enforcer, saber master, leader, a bad mammer-jammer -- all words that could be used to describe the Dark Lord of the Sith. Who is Darth Vader really? "

I think part of the unsuccessful audience reception of the first two installments to the prequel star wars trilogy was the absence of this black clad, mouth breather of a man -- Darth Vader! Proof??? When we were watching a movie and the trailer for Star Wars III was shown and the breathing and voice of Darth Vader was heard,,, you can hear an audible collective gasp from the audience.

This is it! The "Dark Father" (translation of Darth Vader) has returned! Our childhood villain/hero protagonist will be plastered once again on the gigantic screen. You will remember the first time you watched Return of the Jedi and cheered when Darth Vader betrayed his master because of the greater love for his son Luke. You knew then that good will always conquer evil! Darth Vader! His destiny fulfilled!

I can't wait to watch the movie and relive my childhood fascination with this character. Of all the Star Wars characters, I loved him the most... My papa darth vader... That's why I hated Star Wars I... how could that child grow up to be Darth Vader??? That was the worst casting ever! I just wish that the third installment will make up for the its two disappointing predecessors.

This is a hilarious summary of Star Wars III - read on!
  • Revenge of the Shit (baklesh version)
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    You should add a tag board to your page now!
    Neth said…
    hahaha... tsige.. pag sinipag me.. i'll add one :) tnx! thanks pala cads for the correction! :) It's luke.. not anakin! gosh...

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