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Formulas Swimming in me head.... argh!

Vo = [CF1 x (PVIFk,1)] + [CF2 x (PVIFk,2)] + …. + [CFn x (PVIFk,n)]
n n
Bo = {I x [ S 1 / (1 + k d)t ]} + {M x [ S 1 / (1 + k d)n ] }
t=1 t=1
Bo = [ I x (PVIFAkd,n)] + [ M x (PVIFkd,n)]
n n
Bo = {I/2 x [ S 1 / (1 + (k d/2))t ]} + {M/2 x [ S 1 / (1 + (k d/2))n ] }
t=1 t=1
Bo = [ I x (PVIFAkd,n)] + [ M x (PVIFkd,n)]
2 2

Omigod! Total panic right now.... a week to cram all of these formula... and many more in my brain! Argh! Please pray for me!

Why did I punish myself three years ago and enrolled for my masters? I just wanted to meet some good guys and gays! And now, after all these years, no guys, no fafas.. and all these concepts and numbers swirling inside my brain!

"Me burnssss, me scaredssssss...... "


BitterCaramel said…
hi net..hahah thanks for the early warning! no fafas huh? oh well, gud bye graduate studies for me heheheh :)

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