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Shopa-olic takes Famfanga

I have a friend who in my opinion is the Capampangan version of Becky. Once we were walking along the aisles of SM Pampanga... all was well, we were chatting away when we passed Kamiseta (a clothing store) and I swear, she immediately had this trance-like expression on her face. Whatever the topic of our conversation was, she suddenly tugged at me and said, "Anto, tingin muna tayo..." ohh-ohh... quality time suddenly turned into shopping time.

Don't get me wrong, I like shopping. But I only shop when I have something to buy, but this girl really loves shopping. I will always ask her, "Di ba nde na magkasya sa room mo ang mga clothes, shoes, bags, etc mo?" and she will just smile and with a wicked glint in her eyes she will say," Oo, but I get to attend numerous functions and what if que-horror I run out of things to wear!" End of discussion and I will enter the store with her.

With our shopping trips, I will get to see the different clothes and of course when I am suddenly dizzy with the myriad of clothes to choose from, I will sit on the sofas (believe me, I have been in all of the sofas of the clothing stores in Pampanga when I am with her) and I will be among the boyfriends, husbands, waiting for their girl. I now know that whoever said that woman are such frail creatures and are definitely the weaker sex haven't seen a woman who is in a shopping's spree. No man, I tell you can keep up (exceptions to our gay cousins - wink-wink).

When a shopping day is over, I find myself carrying bags, plastics of all she has bought. Whew! Thank God we're going home. But wait, we passed along another boutique and who can resist that smile. So off we go again, and she will be lost in her little paradise of clothes, clothes and clothes...


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